บริษัท ฮิวแมน เทค คอนซัลติ้ง จำกัด
บริษัท ฮิวแมน เทค คอนซัลติ้ง จำกัด
9 อาคารจี ทาวเวอร์ ชั้น 32 ถนนพระราม 9 แขวงแขวงห้วยขวาง เขตเขตห้วยขวาง กรุงเทพมหานคร 10310
Tel : 02-026-3624

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Project Engineer (Real Estate)


- Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Architecture, Engineering, Business Administration, or related fields
- At least 4 years of experience in real-estate or real-estate development and at least 3 years of experience in management
- Ability to run forecasting, planning financial models
- Direct 2 years’ experience in managing High Raise Building at least 20-storey
- Strong analytical thinking, planning, problem solving, coordinating, controlling, monitoring, evaluating skills
- Solid leadership qualities to inspire others to work effectively to achieve the organization’s targets.
- Result driven and able to work under pressure
- Good command of English in both writing and speaking
- Good computer skills in operating Excel, Word and Power point and specific design programs such as AUTO CAD
- Be knowledgeable about the real-estate investment market.
- Strong project management and vendor management

Job Type : งานประจำ (Full Time)
Job Description :
Key Responsibilities: Draft strategies, planning, and evaluate risks of real-estate investment projects both for real-estate purchases and property development, as well as other special projects as assigned. Job Description: 1. Operate real-estate investment projects in the form of real-estate purchases by coordinating with the real-estate seller, selecting appraisers, and selecting building inspectors. 2. Operate real-estate investment projects in the form of property development by selecting designers, project consultants, and construction contractors. 3. Gather data and other documents relevant to forming various contracts such as appraiser service agreement, designer service agreement, consultant service agreement, and coordinate with the Investment Legal Department and Legal Department to form contracts. 4. Analyze, and monitor the work of real-estate appraisers, building inspectors, designers, project consultants, as well as construction contractors. 5. Produce performance reports or information about real-estate investment projects to the Office of Insurance Commission (OIC). 6. Produce project summary performance reports and prepare other documents to present to the Team Manager for the Real-Estate Investment Subcommittee and other subcommittee meetings. 7. Operate other special projects as assigned.
Salary : 60,000 - 60,000 ฿
Need : 1 Positions
Location : Bangkok

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