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¡úԹ JALways ԴѺ Ǥ
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About Company
JALways is a fast growing airline with a reputation for warm and caring in-flight service. We are looking for a service minded Thai female national who are willing to team up with us in the sky.

In order to apply or for further information, please visit our website (www.jalways.co.th).
Application will be accepted from 17 June 2005 to 23 June 2005, on our website. (We will only be accepting application through our website.)
Flight Attendant 
Nationality: Thai
Gender: female and single
Age: Between 20-26 years (year of birth between 1979-1985)
Minimum height: 156 cm.
Health: In good condition with fine eyesight
Academic background: Holding diploma of college or higher (or expected to graduate by October 2005)
Language ability: fluent in English
Minimum TOEIC score: 550 points (test taken between June 2004 till present will be credible)
Contact Address
To selected candidates, we offer attractive benefits such as free air tickets and overseas training. We are looking forward to your application.
JALways (JAL GROUP) www.jalways.co.th
2773, International Passenger Terminal 2, 2nd Floor, Bangkok International Airport Donmuang, Bangkok 10210

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