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ҧҹ : ԤҢ˹ͧ ҹ آԷ101 ѷkerry express ѷ amwayҤ Ѵ˹ͧ Pattaya ѷҡҧ EQ PLUs µҶ Ǿлᴧ ˹ҷЪѹ,ѡҹШͿԵ ҧҹ b2sҧ ����ҹ�ҹ�� ҹ֧ ѹ Թ ¹Ç´á¼à ǡ ź ÃÑà Ҹҳآ ѧѴ ѡҹͶ ԵŹ ˹觧ҹҧǹԤصˡЪԵز .6 ѡҹǴἹ ʻ ز .3 ЪҪ ѷ ѹź ѡҹѧҫҨҧ ˹ҷõҴ Ѫ Ъɺ pc Ѵ§Թŵʹû ªÕÇÀÃâ lufthansa ҹ§ ѡҹزԻǪ.ҹ pc,ba,pretty back state á ѡҹѭչԹ ҹШ زԻ.طûҡ ѡҹҳҤ ࢵ Ҹ ѷѹѹ fj٧ çҹصˡ ѧѴк ˹ҷºؤ ҹá ͧ͹ ⤡ ظҹ ÃƒÆ’Ã†â€™Ãƒâ€šÃ‚Â¯ÃƒÆ ҹpc ͹ ���,ï¿½Ñ­ï¿½ï¿ ѡҹá زԻ. ¹ҷ

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heart (noun) - the organ in your chest which pumps blood through your body.
heartache (noun) - a strong feeling of great sadness and anxiety.
= Ǵ, ,
heart attack (noun) - a sudden serious medical condition in which someone's heart stops working, causing them great pain.
heart-beat (noun) - the action or sound of your heart as it pumps blood through your body.
=  鹢ͧ
heart-break (noun) - great sadness or disappointment.
heart-broken (adjective) - extremely sad because of something that has happened.
= ͡ѡ, ͹
heart disease (noun) - an illness which prevents someone's heart from working normally.
= ä
heart failure (noun) - a serious medical condition in which someone's heart stops, often resulting in death.
heart-felt (adjective) - very strongly felt and sincere.
= ҧШԧ
heart-to-heart (noun) - a conversation in which two people say honestly and sincerely what they really feel about something.
= Դ㨤¡ѹ, ¡ѹҧç仵çШԧ
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