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Site Engineer (Civil Electrical Mechanical Architecture)


´ҹ :
Construction & Supervision

سѵԼѤ :

At least Bachelors degree in accounting. Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) would be plus
Possess at least 6 years experience in accounting with 3 years in managerial level
Proficient in using MS Office, Familiar with project management system will also be an advantage
Able to communicate in English, both written and spoken
Good interpersonal and communication skills


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ʶҹ軯Ժѵԧҹ : ا෾ҹ

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Ţ 135/47 Ҥþѹ 205 2 16 (ͧ 16 ) .ҷͧ .Ѫɡ ǧ Թᴧ
ࢵ Թᴧ ا෾ҹ 10400


Website : http://www.iecm.co.th

iECM COMPANY LIMITED (former EEC Construction Management Co., Ltd.) is a leading engineering and consulting company in THAILAND. iECM always maintains a high standard in its quality of services and also provides expertise to prevent cost overruns and expensive time delays. The company has a broad range of expert engineering in various disciplines, including:

Project Management
Construction Management & Supervision
Quantity Surveying
Interior Fitout
Building Service Audit
Energy Management
Design & Build
Preventive Maintenance Management

iECM COMPANY LIMITED is urgently seeking a dynamic person with a strong professional and interpersonal profile, to join our team work for the following position :
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135/47 Ҥþѹ 205 2 16 (ͧ 16 ) .ҷͧ .Ѫɡ
ǧԹᴧ ࢵԹᴧ ا෾ҹ 10400

Tel : 02-689-5260 / FAX : 02-689-5265

E-mail : [email protected]   
Website : http://www.iecm.co.th


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