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ǹ Service engineer (Chemical) /ԹѺ / BTS /- /Դͺɺ 081-8703177

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-Onsite and in house service for chemical and make report for customer on requirment .
-Install and maintain equipment/ chemical adjustment as customer required.
-Organize service priority .
-Coordinate with oversea supplier and internal team to provide the best service .
-Submit the report and service document .
-Consult with sale team .
-Generates relationship with sale team and customer .
-Build up the confidence and customer satisfaction .

-Male or Female , Thai Nationality, Passed Military defense training (Male)
-AgeNot over 35 years old
-Bachelor's degree in chemical or relate Engineering
-New graduate are welcome
-Able for work on overtime and holiday (Up on the job situation)
-Able for domestic travel and oversea
-Able for oversea work.
-Car & Driving license are necessary.
-Basic Computer skill , Office program is require .
-Experience in Field service and service engineer will be advantage
-Specialty knowledge for 3D Cad Cam design such as Solidworks , Solid edge , Inventorwill be high advantage
-Good command of English & Thai
-Positive thinking of service mind & service job .
-Ability to Teamwork and under pressure

Companys welfare:
Bonus 2 time/Year (Up on company situation)
Provident Fund
1st class car insurance Maximum 20,000 THB/Year
Car maintenance up on accumulate of travel distance .
Business trip allowance
Local training to improve skill and capability.
Group's insurance .
Annual Health Check .
Yearly medical allowance .
Long Term contribution Awards
Working: Mon-Fri 08.30-17.30

**ʹ㨵Դ ɺ 081-8703177 busaba@pcmt.in.th ***


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