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Role and Responsibilities:
Prepare the annual budget for the plant operation.
Maintaining the facilities in conformance to Food processing regulatory requirements & to keep them in validated state & in compliance with QESH (Quality Environment Health Safety).
Issue resolution and communication at various levels of the organization
To identify cost reduction, Quality enhancement projects across the unit
Monitoring the entire production process to identify the negative variance and minimize the negative variance
Provide leadership to the team and debate on present efficiencies and endeavour to increase efficiency

Production & Planning
Coordinating, monitoring and controlling of production activities, Trouble shooting. Planning day-to-day production schedules, setting up the weekly & monthly production targets.
Develop systems and standard protocols in production to improve the Overall Equipment Efficiency
Prepare production budget, seek approval of the budget and monitor volumes of production, maintain all the utility norms i.e. steam, power and productivity norms i.e. yield and efficiency
Executing cost saving techniques / measures to achieve substantial reduction in O&M expenditures and work within the budget.
Collaborative planning with supplier to decrease Inventory level & improve productivity
Closely monitoring Logistics planning for raw material & packing Materials.
Manage the inventory turn ratio of materials as per budgeted levels.

Quality Management
Implementation & documentation of quality systems like GMP, ISO as per the set standards.
Making regular inspection of all production activities and regulating these activities so that all GMP and ISO procedures are followed
Coordinating the TPM activities of the plant to improve machine management.
Identifying assignable and chronic causes by the use of latest analysis techniques.
Reviewing the operational practices, identifying the areas of obstruction/ quality failures and advising on system and process changes for qualitative improvement and energy conservation.
Handling activities pertaining to change management to ensure seamless operations.
Reporting, evaluation and investigation of critical deviations.
Evaluating proposed changes in product, process or equipment.

Maintenance Operations
Planning and effecting preventive maintenance schedules to increase machine up time / equipment reliability; thereby accomplishing planned production targets within budget
Tracking daily breakdowns, implementing preventive maintenance programmes to improve the efficiency of the system or the equipment undergoing maintenance.
Directing & instructing maintenance team; monitoring expenses with optimum utilization of resources.
Preparing costs reports on spare parts, inventory, labor and machines for resources planning, budgeting, scheduling and executing preventive/ predictive maintenance activities.

سѵԼѤ :

Bachelor or Master in Engineering, oversea educated is a plus
Minimum 15 years experience in manufacturing environment from various functions such as Production, Quality Assurance, R&D etc.
At least 8 years experience in Plant Manager role
Experience from Food Manufacturing is highly desirable
Strong commercial sense
Experience in establishing a new plant will definitely be an advantage
Good leadership skills
Fluent English
Be able to communicate in Japanese is highly desirable

If you would like to apply for this role, please send your updated resume along with your current and expected package to p1456@purerecruit.com


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