Dental Clinic
  ѷ Ըҹ ӡѴ
92 The Residence
آԷ 24 آԷ ࢵͧ  ا෾ҹ 10110
Tel : 0-2260-9566-7   
Fax : 0-2260-9608

Customer services

* Female or male age
* Diploma or Bachelors degree in English, Hotel, Tourism or other major Services
* at least 1 years in sales, marketing or customer service related industry i.e. clinic, hospital, hotel, tourism or airline
* Good command in speaking, listening reading and writing English
* Pleasant personality, service minded, strong coordination, hospitality and team working
* Active, Positive thinking, Fast learning and Good relationship
* Able to work under pressure and flexible time
Job Type : ҹШ (Full Time)
Job Description :
Contact over the phone or patient on arrival. You will be booking appointment, greeting visitors, sorting out appointments, give information about the cost of treatment, sending out reminders that patient need to be seen check-up or further dental treatment, using a diary/computer diary system to book, switch and cancel appointment
Salary : 14,000 - 20,000
Need : 2 Positions
Location : Bangkok

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