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Technician, Technical Service (Thailand Wangnoi Ayutthaya)


´ҹ :
Job summary
Provide timely and reliable technical services to customers and clients
General responsibilities
To perform the workshop repair/vehicle repair work as assigned to the schedule and to meet the standard quality
Plan and pick up spare parts for repair
Maintain the tools with complete and ready-to-use condition
Receive training to develop skills according to the company's plans
Follow QSOL, 5S, Safety & environment and 6sigma

سѵԼѤ :

Leadership responsibilities
Drive self-learning and improvement in the area of Technical Service and DKSH behaviors as part of continuous learning
Functional skills and knowledge
Demonstrate working knowledge in Mechanical
Demonstrate working knowledge and experience in trouble-shooting of Mechanical equipment
Demonstrate good in Micro-soft Office
Soft skills
English Capability to communicate at least Spoken and Written, would be advantageous.
Good attitude towards work
Good health
High responsibility, Diligent, Patient
Diploma in Engineering (Mechanical) or bachelors degree in related field
Work experience
0-2 years experience in a similar role or Fresh graduate.


Թ͹ : ŧ
ӹǹѺ (ѵ) : 1 ѵ
ʶҹ軯Ժѵԧҹ : ظ

DKSH (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
2535 آԷ ǧ ҧҡ
ࢵ ⢹ ا෾ҹ 10260


Website : http://www.dksh.co.th

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DKSH (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
2535 آԷ ǧҧҡ ࢵ⢹ ا෾ҹ 10260

Ἱ Ѿҡ
. 02-790-8000, 02-790-4000, 02-220-9000

E-mail : https://www.jobpub.com/img/email_images/067_02.gif
Website : http://www.dksh.co.th


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